A short definition of
"Socio-technical complexity"

Socio-technical complexity is the result of the combination between social and technical aspects. It occurs in a project when designing, managing or transforming a complex system (e.g. transforming an organization, creating a new business, designing an industrial product, etc). It is especially important in large, innovative or critical projects, involving many individuals and heterogeneous disciplines.

In these situations, people often face individual and collective difficulties in visualizing, understanding and dealing with "Complexity" within their work. It typically results in losing :
This "Complexity" can be encountered in a project at two levels : It comes from : We call this "Complexity" socio-technical complexity, underlining its duality (both people-centric and technic-centric). However, the real name should be "socio-cognito-technical complexity", since cognitive aspects are generally not in the scope of socio-technical complexity.

To reduce this complexity (typically the role of Managers and/or Consultants) :